Volkstuindersvereniging Hoorn en Omstreken
Approved by Royal decree on 23 november 1962
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"On Your Plot"
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Latest update was on 25 AUGUST 2015--
On Your Plot: A Bee-friendly Garden.
Welcome to our website.

The website is dynamic, in the sense that it isn't simply placed here and left without updates or changes. Periodic changes are made once a month at the minimum.
Some subjects are indeed static such as the introduction to the homepage and general information about our association. All new things are published as quickly as possible (often with pictures) so that the members can always be aware of changes, upcoming events or news concerning the association.

There are articles, usually with accompanying photos, relating to activities or various happenings which occurred in recent days. It's nice to read about and see what it was that you missed, or to see it again, if you were able to attend or take part. There are links to online photo albums of the Annual Exhibition, The Soup Party or Balloon Day, for instance.

On the "On Your Plot" page, there are articles about growing and cultivating some vegetables as well as other gardening info. There are also a calendar of events, a small map showing the location of the complexes, a general information page, written portraits of some members, etc.

We have seen that a large number of people from diverse countries have visited the website, thus we offer an English as well as Dutch versions of the website. Just click upon the flags of the language version that you would like to use.

There is a periodic newsletter sent to keep members abreast of developments concerning our allotment association, agenda dates, announcements from the administrators, reports, photos, new changes that one can see or read on the website.

We hope that you enjoy and find the website useful. Should you have comments about it, you can simply sign the guest book or write the webmaster.
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